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Step into the world of premium cigars at To' Makao Fine Cigars in Bethlehem, PA.

Since our inception in 2013, we've grown from a tiny boutique to a premium cigar haven, stocked with the region's freshest and most notable selection.

Our perfectly aged, flawless cigars range from the luxurious Arturo Fuente Opus X to the Ashton VSG Sun Grown, catering to all palates.

It's a cigar oasis for connoisseurs and novices waiting to be explored.

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The Opus X Society by MANNY IRIARTE

In 1992, Carlito Fuente Jr’s initial vision to create a name for a cigar with powerful significance and unique to its industry was born and introduced as “Project X from Planet 9.” The idea of cultivating and producing in the Dominican Republic became an obsession for Carlito. Deep commitment and the “don’t stop trying” mentality became his fundamental strengths in the 90’s. At that time, the birth of OpusX became a reality on a worldwide level. OpusX came to be a beloved son to Carlito. Vibrant colors, shapes, and passionate significance surround the brand and its design. Everything involving OpusX is first class. From its taste, top of the line packaging, labels, and presentation.

At the end of 2009, the cigar industry was recognizing a designer and photographer for his trendsetting ideas, projects, and top of the line results. His name, Manny Iriarte. Because of Manny’s impeccable reputation, marketing status, clients, and network, Manny met Carlito Fuente Jr. in hopes of combining two great talents for one common purpose. Moving forward, their friendship, family, and commitment became the foundation for their unified collaboration on all projects.
The design of magazine ads and artistic photography were just some of the initial collaborations that Manny and Carlito worked on. Special projects, like the creation and re-design of Arturo Fuentes' main event booth, which gives tribute to 100 years of the Fuente Family tradition, was another project very dear to their hearts. As time passed, a collective magic, a sixth sense, and a common vision, between these two visionaries had developed. Carlito’s ideas and visions were easily interpreted and enriched by Manny.
In 2013, Manny’s trendsetting standards were never more prevalent than with the creation of “The OpusX Society,” a concept that elevated the OpusX brand to the next level of the cigar industry. A brilliant idea, but the timing was not right. The concept needed a more luxurious look in an effort to rebrand the label on an international level.
The collaboration in design and creativity with prestigious Swiss watch brand Hublot, the leader in high-end lighters S.T. Dupont, the exclusive Italian tailor Stefano Ricci, and the best French humidors in the world, Elie Bleu, are just some of the many lucrative brands that Manny Iriarte is a part of. His advanced ideas also include the commemorative 20th and 25th-anniversary edition of the OpusX cigar. Luxurious and unique numbered pieces, with immediate selling power, are the basis of Manny Iriarte’s work.
The OpusX brand is now part of Manny Iriarte’s DNA. The visionary that is Manny Iriarte believes that in 2019, OpusX achieved international recognition, and thus, the stars have aligned. The time has come for the creation of “The OpusX Society.” A way of life for fans of exquisite taste, and for those who are passionate about the OpusX brand.
The creator of OpusX, Carlito Fuente Jr, and the visionary Manny Iriarte will once again collaborate to take the OpusX brand to the next level, elevating the unique brand to a luxury lifestyle.
Passion, Opus, Power
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Custom Cigar Bands

Elevate your corporate or special event with a touch of sophistication and personalization. Bring your brand to life with custom cigar bands featuring your logo or event name. Leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your party one to remember. A celebration won't just be regular but an unforgettable experience. Make your mark and stand out with every puff.



Every cigar we create is a masterpiece crafted with love and passion by our founder, Franklin. He's been honing his skills for 15 years, and it shows - every cigar is a work of art. Weddings, parties, or any occasion - we know they're precious, so we put all our heart into everyone.


The bar is set high, and we don't mess around with mediocre materials. Only superior craftsmanship, premium products, and top-notch materials are used in our products. We pride ourselves on supplying nothing but excellence, whether it's the cigar or the leaf.


Looking for a perfectly priced puff? Our aficionados will elevate your cigar game without breaking the bank. From budget-friendly to blow-your-mind, our expertly curated selection will keep you smoking in style. So why choose between your wallet and your taste buds?

Customize your rare cigar

Step up and feast on a masterpiece of craftsmanship by the legendary Franklin Pichardo! Drawing on his decades of deep experience in cigars, our master roller has crafted a genuinely unparalleled work of art that we proudly dedicate to all true aficionados.

Indulge your senses and experience these rare wonders’ full-bodied richness and unparalleled flavor!

Visit our store and explore the finest selection of cigars, handpicked especially for the discerning amateur in you.



Welcome to our cozy haven where you can indulge in the rich aroma of freshly brewed espresso and coffee, complemented by the soothing sounds of relaxing music. Our friendly and amazing staff is always ready to spark up a conversation or let you enjoy your solitude. With ample plush sofas to snuggle in, you can smoke, drink, talk, study, or just simply lounge with us. Come unwind and rejuvenate in our comfortable and inviting space.

M. Weitz
The Best cigar shop, and best cigars, in the USA! Franklin is a master! His namesake cigars are better than anything you can buy… anywhere. He makes you feel like family. I’ve known him and been buying his blend for over a decade, and he and his shop are a hidden Gem. But if you know… you know! He, and his staff, are just the best! Lots of love for Papo (aka Franklin)! Great cigars and better person! Super knowledgeable even for new smokers, not pushy and truly able to educate anyone on what to smoke! It’s just the best.
eddie martell
Love this place, my 2nd home.
Ronald Kazanjian
It is an excellent place to smoke cigars and hang out. The cgars are top grade and very family oriented
Couldn’t ask for better customer service!
Big Wally
Reminds me of the cigar stores in Ybor City, Tampa, FLA. Modest selection of cigars from big name brands but the highlight of the store are the beauties hand-rolled on the premises. Also has a lot of accessories for yourself or as a gift to your favorite cigar lover. Nice walk-in humidor. Large lounge to enjoy your smoke and relax. Outdoor area to enjoy your choice of cigars outside. Friendly and knowledgeable staff who can answer questions and help get you a cigar to suit your tastes.
Great shop, great selection of cigars. The owner was super friendly, and you could see the passion for his establishment. This will be my go to spot for smokes.

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