DBL Cigars Co.

Dominican Big Leager

Our factory is located in Tamboril, Santiago on the Dominican Republic. Tamboril is home to the cigar industry’s biggest names and top rollers. Despite its small size, Tamboril is often referred to as the “world Capital” of cigars and cigars rollers because it is the epicenter of cigars manufacturing, housing more cigars factories and rollers than anywhere else on the planet.

DBL by Francisco Almonte uses highly graded tabacco supplied from top rated farms from around the world including Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador. Plus, we have been growing our own tabacco since 2013 and our first crop will be ready for use next year.

Each onw of our tabacco leaves undergoes rigorous curing and fermentation processes that give our tabacco the precise flavors for which we strive. Our rollers are second to none. They each have decades of experiences, giving them the ability to craft the finest traditional cigars as well as those with unique shapes and sizes – all while maintaining the perfect draw.

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Warning: Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale.

We are proud to house the largest and freshest selection of premium quality flawless and perfectly aged cigars


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